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Happy birthday, Alice. Hope it's a great day, and we'll see ya soon!
Happy birthday, Major! I hope you have an awesome day. The last couple of weeks have been kinda fucked up, but I'll get your present out soon, I promise.
*grins* Happy birthday, Cam! I hope you have an awesome day!
Spring break! *grins* First part with Ni-san and Sanzo in Chang'an, then home with Seto for the rest when he's done his business trip. Much as I like school, I'm glad ta be outta here for a while!


Major Lorne, or Ianto, if you see this, please get back with me some way or another. I just saw the news, and holy shit, I hope ta fuck everyone's alright!!

Thank you!

Thanks for the awesome birthday gift, Piper. I can't wait to try out the waffle maker, and the cake was fantastic, as usual.

Sorry it took so long ta get back to ya about it. It's been kinda a messed up week. But I loved everything, and thanks again! ^_^


[Filtered to Alice]

Just wanted ta say thanks for the awesome running gear! It's perfect for this time of year; lightweight and still warm, too! That was real sweet of ya, Alice. Thanks again. :)

Ianto & Major Lorne

*grins* Thanks so much for the jam and card! It meant a lot ta me, and the jam is wonderful. I had it with breakfast this morning. I'd really like ta learn how to make it sometime! That was real sweet of Ellie and Ewan ta remember me like that, too. Rhodri singing is way adorable. I grin every time I listen to it, and his picture is on the fridge. I've sent them a thank you note as well, but I wanted to let you all know I appreciated everything and it really helped make the day even more special. :D

Jan. 3rd, 2010

[Private to Seto, Oji-san, Oji-chan, Ni-san and Sanzo]

When I go back ta school on the eleventh, I'm gonna start staying in Edinburgh for the week again. Set' and I talked it over. I just gotta contact Nat and let him know.
Happy birthday, Oji-san. Love ya! :)

Jounouchi Katsuya

Uh, yeah...It only looks hopeless...



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